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Studio Carts is a manufacturer of high quality Professional Carts for the motion picture and television production industries. With over 20 years of practical solutions and innovations, Studio Carts specializes in multipurpose support equipment that has redefined production for the 21st century.

Some new items include the Grip Primo Cart, Mini Distro Cart, Mini Kino Cart, Mini Four-X-Four Cart and the Mini Duz-All Cart. We always use the highest quality materials to manufacture our carts and accessories ensuring long life durability. Our carts are ergonomically designed with the end user in-mind.

We give the customer the option to choose the carts configuration; this allows our carts to be loaded from either side, so whatever the layout of your truck, our carts work with you, not against you. Have you seen what we can do with production trucks? From Sprinter Vans to 52 Foot Trailers, Studio Carts manufactures custom racks, shelving and jockey boxes tailored for any department in the industry, be it Grip, Electric, Camera, or Effects.

For over twenty years, it has been our pleasure to bring innovative and practical equipment to the industry such as Studio Carts, Grip Cart, Electricians Cart, Sound Carts, DIT Carts, Gaffers Cart, Custom Carts, Studio Set Carts, Studio Hollywood Carts, Film, Motion Picture, Television.

Some of the services we also offer but are not limited too:

  • Choice of Color
  • Choice of access to the cart (open left or open right) “at no extra charge”
  • Custom Cart designed by Customer (price will vary depending on complexity)
  • Custom racks for trucks, Ranges from Sprinter Vans to Fifty-two foot trailers

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