Black Solid, Inc.

I have known Robert before I started my photography equipment rental company Black Solid, Inc. more than a decade ago. I have been really impressed with the knowledge and the help he has provided me all these years. The carts I have bought from Studio Carts are built to last and they were custom built. Because of the great cart building skills I decided to let Studio Carts build the custom racks in our Sprinter vans. I did spend a lot of time discussing and modifying the racks. With the expertise of Robert and his crew the racks turned out great. Everyone who has used our Sprinters are amazed and compliment us on how well the racks are built and anyone can find anything at one glance. I have even received calls from out of state clients complimenting about the way the racks are built and they want to know where the racks were build. I always tell them if you want the best custom built racks and carts call Studio Carts.

I have been vary happy with the carts and racks built by Studio Carts. I have not had any issues so far. Their quality is the best!!!

Kevin Shrestha
Black Solid, Inc.

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