Pedro Castex and Robert Guzman have designed and built what I can only call a brilliant and well thought out trailer . I was presented with a couple of ideas that made sense to me so we agreed to go forward. The result I believe speaks for itself. I am very happy with the interior design of my trailer. In the 30 plus years in the Entertainment industry I based my idea for the trailer off of other trailers that were in use out on the road. Robert and his team took the approach that a simply laid out trailer would give my guys the most organization and ease of inventory access. Today it is a must to be clean and organized with the amount of competition out there. Again the guys at STUDIO CARTS really understood this and executed flawlessly. I would recommend this company to anyone. They are also the people who built all of my rigging carts. Most of which are custom designed.

Thank you again,

Ed Tewalt
Owner of ETRigging

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