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I have to say when I first started wrapping my head around buying new carts for the shop and for our grip trucks I thought that it would be a breeze. Boy was I wrong – dead wrong. There are a handful of manufacturers out there that produce set carts for a multitude of departments and each one touts themselves as being numero uno, that is simply not the case. The clear choice is Alden, Robert & Pedro at Studio Carts. Their Service is second to none & their ability and willingness to adapt to our specific needs is mirrored by no one else, moreover their craftsmanship is reasonably priced. They take care of us and have our inventory on warranty – it only makes sense to choose Studio Carts. Not to mention that they are perfectly located in Sun Valley & right off of the 5 Freeway if Alden can’t swing the delivery. We have more shopping to do – we are far from over & it’s also about that time for them to rack and shelf out a grip truck or two for us.

Joshua Luka
Owner of Luka Grip & Lighting

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