I have known and worked with Alden, Pedro and Robert for several years now, and during that time I’ve purchased over 20 carts from Studio Carts. I can say without hesitation that their product always holds up to the test of time, working day-in and day-out on set, taking any beatings with grace. And they’re built by people who used to work on set who understand the nuances of working crew. Their carts are durable, smart, efficient, and lean. Alden, Pedro and Robert are a power team, and they never disappoint. They’re also a reseller for ARRI, Bogen and Chimera products, and helped me secure the best deal on my recent s360s and M series HMI purchases. If you’re thinking of getting into the cart game, the best in the business is Studio Carts.

Thomas Sigurdsson

IATSE Local 728


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